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Seed Stage Successes

Earning the First Million
A seed stage Internet technology company asked us to move their concept to the next stage.  We defined the strategy and executed a go to market plan including search engine optimization and search engine marketing.  Plus we provided executive coaching to prepare the executives for managing the rapid growth.  The result? They achieved their $1 million dollar revenue goal within one year of entering the North American market.

Building a Solid Base of Customers
An online education company asked us to develop a technology strategy utilizing open source and cloud computing resources to gain market share.  We planned and implemented a coordinated set of marketing, web, channel, and product development initiatives.  In addition we provided interim executive placement services while the company ramped up.  The result? Within two years, the company had grown into an established startup with a solid base of customers in North America.

Redefining the Business Model
A website maintenance and development seed company asked us to help them improve their business model.  We identified a more valuable model for the company and executed a channel planning and development program to support it.  The result? The company established the key partnerships and strategic alliances it needed within 18 months.

Startup Successes

Growing the Company Footprint and Valuation
A social media and BA startup asked us to help them grow and expand their company.  We created and executed an international strategic growth plan.  The result? Within 3 years revenue increased 1000%, the company established key alliances for further growth, and the company's valuation significantly increased in conjunction with the new market penetrations.

Expansion to the North American Market
An offshore IT company specializing in enterprise fraud and security systems asked us to help them target the US market.  We created a strategic plan, helped them evolve their business model, and then directed the go to market strategy. The result? The company successfully entered the US market and is achieving early positive results.

Expansion Successes

New Markets, New Partners, New Sales
A European cloud computing company asked us to develop a strategy to help them successfully expand to the United States and South America.  We helped them update their business model, created a complete marketing communications suite and put together a complete go to market and sales strategy for the market.  The result? Within 6 months the first phase of the partner recruitment and lead generation program was successfully implemented.

Executive Coaching for Expension
A virtual world and social media technology company asked us to help their team take the company to the next level.  We provided executive coaching and advisory services as the team planned and implemented an expansion plan. The result? Within 18 months the company successfully expanded beyond Europe and into the North American market.

Established Company Successes

Special Advisor to the CEO
The CEO of an enterprise software company asked us to provide custom advisory services as he led his company's growth initiative.  We thoroughly analyzed the company's situation,  identified several growth inhibitors, and worked with the CEO to resolve the issues.  The result? Within one year the company had established a channel expansion in the US and Israel.