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New Markets, New Channels, New Opportunities

solutions_pgimg_expansionOnce your company is established and your team knows how to sell your products and services consistently, the time is right to begin expanding into new markets and new channels.  But expansion can be tricky.  The core strategies and processes that are working well in your home market and your existing channels, might not work in new situations. And how do you prevent adjustments for the new market from increasing risk for your existing business?  How can you be sure you’ve effectively evaluated the new market’s requirements and competitive environment?  How do you find the right strategic partners to help you reach new customers.

Strategic Biz Dev can help you find and flourish in new markets.  We help you locate opportunities, connect with partners, and successfully reach new customers without overreaching or damaging your core business.

Expansion Stage Challenges We Address

  • Finding new markets that need your solution
  • Developing new products or services for existing markets
  • Formation and startup activities in the target market
  • Productizing your assets in a way that matches the new market needs
  • Identification of new distribution channels and establishing mutual interest and trust with them
  • Strategies for managing growth – especially across broader product and geographic areas