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Healthy Startups: Nurturing for a Strong Foundation

solutions_pgimg_startupOnce a newly formed business has won the support of early customers and financial investors it begins to take root.  Time speeds by as the management team is elated at the prospect of creating their dream.

But the exhilaration of early success starts to wane, businesses often find themselves stalled.  The task of growing to the next level and reaching investor milestones on schedule can be overwhelming. The skills required to take your company to the next level are different than the ones used to create something from nothing. The skills are not mutually exclusive, but they are often not mutually intuitive.

At this stage it is critical for founders to successfully identify the right product mix and establish a repeatable, scalable sales process.  And as the company's reach expands, the team begins to establish more formalized processes and assimilate new employees.  Periodic "reality checks" help you determine your readiness for the next step in scaling your customer base and supporting infrastructure.

During this transition from creation to rapid growth, startup management teams greatly benefit from the expertise and experience of veteran executives who have successfully grown companies before.  Strategic Biz Dev’s team offers the focus and experience to help you feed, weed, and water your startup to create strong roots and a foundation for healthy, sustained growth. 

Startup Stage Challenges We Address

  • Achieving market acceptance.
  • Effective market validation with limited time and money
  • Finding the right mix of product capabilities, features, and services
  • Market positioning and key messages
  • Sales processes and channel developement
  • Creating a successful distribution model
  • Winning initial customers, establishing reference customers
  • Establishing the right distribution model (direct, telemarketing, partnership or a mix)
  • Identifying a repeatable selling process that can easily be implemented and scaled, turning it into a sales-cookbook
  • Scaling the salesforce based on the cookbook to enable exponential sales growth
  • Effectively streamlining the business operations
  • Hiring/outsourcing employees to deal with the new functions and increased load