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quote_openSBD has a unique team of true entrepreneurs. They bring outstanding level of professionalism, knowledge, vision and insight which can help any company reach its targeted results. Their innovative thinking and leadership experience can support any client and business partners like no other.quote_close

Michael Ben-Shimon
IP Analyst and Strategist

quote_openSBD has unique skill set of strategic & tactic characteristics. Their ability to comprise the global picture and vision with the down to earth activities is very impressive and can benefit any organization. The fact that the company is based in the US assists in expediting and turn plans into execution in a very short period of time.quote_close

Raz Rafaeli
CEO Miniframe

quote_openIt is rare to encounter a company who provides in equal parts strategic thinking, idea generation, relationship management, and roll-up the sleeves do-it approach, but SBD is one of the few where this fits.quote_close

Michael Levit
EVP Marketing and Business Development

quote_openSBD was instrumental in building our channel strategy and partner program. Their service combined between the strategic planning of our offerings with excellent execution in the market. I would highly recommend other CEO’s to explore working with SBD.quote_close

Steve Grushcow

quote_openSBD’s team has an excellent business mind. They are always looking for an opportunity to improve their client's business, and thinks outside of the box. SBD is very relationship oriented which is important in business developments activities with longer sales cycles. I highly recommend SBD.quote_close

Mark Hadfield
CEO, nScaled

quote_openSBD has a very reliable, goal oriented and responsible team. They are very well connected, in multiple industries.quote_close

Alon Cohen

quote_openI've worked with the SBD team for many years and with different company affiliations, both theirs and mine. If you are looking for a team with creativity, passion, and energy...SBD is your company. They are exceptionally knowledgeable in the Insider Surveillance domain, and can help you go beyond the capabilities of log-based monitoring to understand and define solutions to monitor the behavior of authorized users on your systems and reduce the cost and impact of insider fraud and abuse.quote_close

Brian Cummings
Practice Head, Tata Consultancy Services

quote_openThere are few companies in the tech industry who truly understand how channels, and more importantly, strategic relationships can positively affect an organizations revenue and productivity. SBD is such a company. I would not hesitate to partner with SBD on channel initiatives.quote_close

Keith Lubner
Founder/Managing Partner, Channel Consulting Corp (C3)

quote_openSBD has an extraordinary professional team with a great vision and a strong know-how in marketing models and ability to establish business relationship with business partner as well as potential clients. SBD has given me an insight and great ideas in my ventures and I continually use their services and knowledge in my ventures.quote_close

David Rashty
Co-Founder, Creative Minds

quote_openSBD delivered on their promise. Within less than 4 months we signed an agreement with one of the top strategic partners we could work with. It was a very effective approach and we are exploring other projects into the future. Our main focus now is to fulfill the potential we have.quote_close

Danny Marom
CEO, Modern Software Technologies Inc. (MOST)

SBD has innovative marketing executives who are very savvy in cutting edge technologies and their application to modern business requirements. SBD brings energy and passion to any engagements and they are really a pleasure to work with.quote_close

Vice President Business Development of a Large Technology Provider 

quote_openSBD has a great combination of strategic and tactical experience. Plus, they are all-around good folks to work with. We look forward to working with them again in the future.quote_close

Managing Director of an Investment Bank

quote_openSBD demonstrated great subject matter knowledge, sales skill and capability, and tenacity in engaging at mutual client situations with IBM as a business partner. Over the period of a year, SBD identified opportunities and validated the business case for its cleat’s software, and gained sponsorship for a decision. I highly recommend SBD as a strong partner.quote_close

IBM Account Executive

quote_openSBD is one of those truly rare companies of business partners who really do go "above and beyond" in getting the job done. They bring a refreshing and positive attitude to every engagement. Their insight, experience and connections have proven to be invaluable on more than one occasion.quote_close

Vice President Software AG

quote_openIf you are looking for an expert to promote your company -- hire / consult with SBD. Their team is charismatic, full with energies, passion to business, positive thinking and excellent capabilities to present /position your company.quote_close

IBM Marketing Lead

quote_openThe latest deployment of “Growth Execution” from SBD for our company proved to be critical for our success. We managed to signup three partnerships (one of which could be a strategic one) and expand our install base with four new key reference accounts. It was definitely a cost effective way to develop these activities.quote_close

CEO of a Desktop Technology ISV

quote_openSBD has helped lead our strategy for several years and throughout this period, our sales and revenue grew over 500% and our strategic position has improved significantly.quote_close

CEO of an Internet Technology Provider

quote_openSBD in our strategic partner for growing into the US market. We have considered several options like hiring a top executive as well as hiring a sales manager – but decided to go with SBD as we feel they bring us the best of both worlds. It has proven to be a great decision for us.quote_close

CEO of a Web Based Technology Provider